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Catalytic Converter Number Lookup. How do catalytic converters work? Catalytic converters have serial numbers which can be used to determine the current purchasing price of any particular converter.

NICB Catalytic Converter Thefts Continue to Rise from

Once you are logged in and on the price catalog page you are ready to check prices on your scrap catalytic converters. What does a catalytic converter look like? Gm does a nice job of stamping the serial numbers on their catalytic converters.

Scrap Catalytic Converter Price Guide.

The free “pgm scrap converter price guide” allows you to navigate 1,000’s of part numbers as well as access the value and price of converters listed on our pgm recovery systems website. Berton is an online database of catalytic converters based on xrf values. Exhaust and tail pipes 193 products.

This Is The Arb Approval Number For The Converter (Known As The “Eo Number”).

A catalytic converter is one of the main elements of the exhaust system, performing the function of reducing the emission of harmful substances and exhaust gases into the atmosphere. Your catalytic converter might look different from others. Catalytic converter guide is the ultimate guide and database of over 10,000 catalytic converter codes with prices and pictures from leading brands including gm, ford, toyota, honda and many more.

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For example on some cars there are two catalytic converters and they’re actually smaller, which can make it harder to steal. It is usually installed on both gasoline and diesel power plants in close proximity to the exhaust manifold or muffler. Aftermarket catalytic converter database * (searchable by vehicle information or arb executive order number)

Once On Your Ecotrade Account, You Can Search Your Catalytic Serial Number To Check Its Buying Price And Add It To Your Cart!

Exhaust and tail pipes 193 products. March 12, 2022 10:55 am. The database is currently under construction and contains some of the catalytic converters approved for obd ii vehicles.

An Example Of This Is In The Photo Below This Gm Catalytic Converter Has The Serial Number:

Fill out the necessary information as accurately as possible. When scrapping mitsubishi catalytic converters, look for small digit codes next to the mitsubishi logo sometimes. Individually sampled converters including their serial numbers.

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