How Long Does It Take For Cats To Get Along With A New Cat


How Long Does It Take For Cats To Get Along With A New Cat. The first few days or a week, there will be some fuss, growling, and meowing. Make sure to introduce the cats to one another slowly for best results and be patient during the entire process.

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However, some feline or canine personalities could take months to get settled, while in some cases, the animals may never get along. The cats will take time to get along with each other, and hissing in the first meetup is common. From a new kitten to a rescued stray, the same precautions should be taken when introducing your furry friends.

Do Not Just Let Your Dog Chase Your Cat Around.

Is it because one is spayed and the other isn't? April 16, 2020 by katy foster. Some learn to tolerate each other, while others fight every day from their first meeting.

On Average, It Takes Cats Between 8 And 12 Months To Get Along, But Gender, Personality, And Age Can All Impact The Exact Duration.

It may take them even longer to get used to this new cat around. Each individual pairing of cats will take their own time to get along. I have always had multiple cats and they have always “gotten along”.

Defining “Gotten Along” And What We Had To Do To Get There Is Another Thing.

I wish i could tell you that in a week or two, your two cats will get along and love each other. It totally depends on the cat. It might take few months or maybe years.

If You Notice This Behavior, Let It Be.

Cats typically take from eight months to a year to get used to each other. Some are cordial if reserved with each other straight away but some initial fighting is common. It depends on the cat’s personality, their previous experiences, your home environment and how you help them to settle in.

A Cat Is An Independent, Solitary Hunter And Is Not Reliant On Social Relationships.

Others simply learn to tolerate the other cat. But no one can give you a definite answer. Much depends on the cats’ temperaments, their introduction and the home situation.

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