How To Apply For Mexican Citizenship


How To Apply For Mexican Citizenship. Then you must remain in the country for 5 years before you can apply for mexican citizenship. Children who have been adopted by mexican parents can also become naturalized citizens.

How To Apply For Mexican Citizenship How to Guide 2022 from

You have to come once to sign the naturalization papers and collecting your mexican passport. You’ll need to submit proof of your mexican nationality with an original document. Apply today for your mexican citizenship!

Submit A Statement To The Secretariat Of Foreign Affairs;

You also need to write a letter detailing any times you’ve travelled outside mexico in the last 2 years. Run for some mexican governmental offices. You will therefore be asked to undertake an exam in order to acquire mexican citizenship.

According To Mexican Law Every Citizen Must Be Able To Speak Spanish And Have A Basic Knowledge Of Mexican History And Culture.

We start the legal process with 50% of the payment in advance. After paying a fee and waiting a. If you’re wondering how to apply for mexican citizenship, one common route for us citizens is to apply based on residency.

Your Birth Certificate And The Birth Certificate Of Your Mexican Parent.

Armed with the translated apostille, we then go to the registro civil (the place where one normally registers infants born in mexico), to apply for the insertion of a citizen into the mexican registration. Once they have established that they need a visa for mexico, foreign citizens can explore the different types of visas available for their nationality and choose one that best meets their needs and. The cost of your passport depends on how long it’s valid for.

Yours Should Be Translated And Apostilled.

An original and 2 photocopies of: To obtain a matrícula consular card, a mexican citizen must apply in person at a mexican consulate in the united states. Residency requirement for naturalized mexican citizens.

A Foreign National Who Applies For And Gets Granted Mexican Citizenship) And You Subsequently Reside Outside Of Mexico For 5 Or More Consecutive Years, You Legally Lose Your Mexican Citizenship.

If you are a mexican citizen by birth, you are only able to claim dual citizenship through a declaration. If you’re married to a mexican and live in mexico, you might be able to apply for citizenship with as little as 2 years of residency, or it could be up to five years before you’re eligible if you don’t have a direct family link to the country⁷. The citizenship application is addressed at the mexican secretariat of foreign relations (sre).

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