How To Cite A Short Story In An Anthology Mla


How To Cite A Short Story In An Anthology Mla. How do you cite a story within an anthology? Author of the essay (last name, first name).

MLA Citations from

Title of the anthology (italicized). Last name of author, first name of author. To cite an entry in an anthology, include the author’s name, title of the piece in quotation marks, title of the anthology in italics, editor’s name, city of publication, publisher, publication year, page numbers of the entry and medium in the following format:

It Is An Exceptional Kind Of Citation.

Author of work within book last. How do you cite multiple works from the same anthology? “solid wood.” best american short stories, edited by stephen king, houghton mifflin, 2007, pp.

How Do You Cite A Story Within An Anthology?

Author last name, first name. An anthology is a collection of articles, essays, or short stories from different authors. Write the title of the short story next, in quotation marks, capitalizing the first word and any important words within it.

An Mla Citation For An Anthology Includes The Following Elements (In Order):

Click to see full answer. Author surname, author first name. How to cite an anthology in mla format basic information.

You Will Likely List A Description In Place Of A Title:

Title of the anthology (italicized). Title of the essay (in quotes). Last name of author, first name of author.

Short Story From A Website (1) Author.

To cite the complete anthology or list of references, start with the editors followed by a quotation ed and a or for several editors, eds; (for edited by). Intext citations citing a book essay format best. Collection or anthology title, edited by editor name, publisher, year of publication, page numbers.

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