How To Fit Golf Clubs In A Porsche 911


How To Fit Golf Clubs In A Porsche 911. Thanks to a shelf above the engine cover, there’s enough room to accommodate longer. Again, you might need to take the woods out and lay them in separately, but you should have no problem getting a set of clubs in a 911.

Golf Clubs in 991 (w/ photos) Porsche from

If you have huge golf bags, you might have to be some maneuvering for them to fit. Depends on your use case. What i did with my brother's and my clubs last year was to take out the woods and put them in the front under the hood and the clubs fit okay in the back seats.but the woods may also fit at a bit of an angle in the back if you take them out of the bag.

If You Have Huge Golf Bags, You Might Have To Be Some Maneuvering For Them To Fit.

Only a few hours after its world premiere, the new porsche taycan turbo drove up to the green eagle golf courses club heading for the 17th hole. Porsche 911 carrera golf clubs. As the 911 is bigger than both the boxster and cayman and sports more space in the back with a couple of seats, it's possible to fit a bag of golf clubs in the back.

A Cart Bag Might Be Too Big.

Make sure the yoga mat is not touching any of. I use a fairly old carry bag. It might be necessary to move your huge golf bags to fit them.

I Take Mine Out Of The Bag.

You can see his golf clubs on the right, and barely make out the ball pocket of his golf bag sticking up just to the left of the clubs. To complement its many years of dedication to amateur golfing, porsche ag has title partnership in the porsche european open, a professional sporting event. In addition to the porsche golf cup, held since 1988, porsche has started the.

These Classic Characteristics Of Golf Are Also An Outstanding Fit For The Philosophy Of Porsche.

Golfers between 5’7” and 6’0” fit.having fit countless golfers, we know that professionally fit ping clubs built for your body type (biometrics), swing and preferences will help unlock better performance and lower your are. The 911 is a perfect daily driver, holds a ton of stuff (i once put fifteen 25 lb bags of cat litter in one, routinely used to weekend with two sets of golf clubs, luggage and a travel companion), yet can be pushed to insane limits. I can then fit the bag in the low part of the trunk and line up the clubs on top (club head toward rear).

The 911 Has Obviously Grown A Lot Since 1979, And It Keeps Getting Bigger Each Year.

Obviously if you have a c. If the rear seats are folded down to make a shelf, you can place the golf bags alongside the drivers in the back of a porsche 911. Even though they cant fit in the trunk, it is possible to carry two sets of golf clubs and a passenger in the 997 at the same time.

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