How To Measure Belt Size For Pulley References


How To Measure Belt Size For Pulley References. Take your measurements of the pully diameter. Belt profile, or the style and sizes of the belt being integrated.

GRIP6 Belts How to choose your size from

For accurate measurement and calculations, it is advised to keep all units of measurement unique. Remember pulley 1 is always going to be the largest pulley you have, and you’ll see this as we go through the calculations shortly. Diameter of the cylinder used to determine the belt with the best fit.

Your Best Bet Would Be To Find A Set Of Pulleys From A Donor.

The width dimensions on our site do not include the hub of your pulley. How to measure a belt. The first thing you want to do is measure the outside diameter (o.d) of the pulley.

That Mathematical Equation Is As Follows:

It simply includes adding and multiplying. There should be two (2) measurements for this since the majority of timing belt drives has a means in place for tensioning the belts. For the same pump, driven by a gas engine, 1070 (pump rpm) divided by 3400 (engine rpm.

Center Diameter Is The Distance Or Distances Between The Shafts Of The Pulleys In The.

Make sure the mark crosses both Reference belt width (w p) which depends on the belt type is multiplied by a factor that takes into consideration the desired design power of the system (p d), the reference transmission capacity (p s) and the engagement correction coefficient (k m). A person can measure the pulley’s diameter by turning the pulley so that the circular portion faces front.

Belt Length = 2C + 1.57 X (D1 + D2) + 1”.

Calipers work best for measuring this dimension. Lay the belt on a clean, flat surface. You can then determine how fast the smaller pulley is traveling.

Belts Are Measured In Inches And You Should Round To The Nearest Inch.

C = the distance between the motor and fan shafts. Belt profile, or the style and sizes of the belt being integrated. Draw a line across the nylon rope with a black permanent marker.

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