How To Test Honeywell Water Heater Thermostat


How To Test Honeywell Water Heater Thermostat. Testing a water heater thermostat is a reasonably straightforward process. First, shut off the breaker that supplies power to the water heater.


Go to the main circuit box and shut off the breaker of your water heating system. Place the probes on terminals 1 & 3 and look for a 240 volt reading on the dial. Once the body is off, use a multimeter to test the resistance across the two terminals.

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Let’s give it a quick read. How to test water heater thermostat? How to light honeywell hot water heater thermostat.

Now Move Ahead To Observe The High Limit Reset Button.

Once the body is off, use a multimeter to test the resistance across the two terminals. Before you suspect a malfunctioning heating element, you should first test the thermostat. A good thermostat should have a reading of 0 ohms.

Test The Thermostats With The Multimeter.

Pinpoint the breaker inside the panel box named “water heater” and shut it off. It could be tripped for several reasons. If the thermostat’s contacts are fused to close then this can happen.

Here’s How To Test Your Thermostat To See If It Works:

Switch off the circuit breaker to turn power off; The first thing to do to solve the honeywell thermostat troubleshooting is by testing the heat. Check the voltage of each thermostat with respect to ground by placing one probe of multi meter on the heating terminals and the other on the body of the water heater.

Switch On The Water Heater For Two Hours, Then Run The Hot Water Faucet To See If The Water Is Well Heated.

If you do not get that reading, go and check the power source to. How to test a water heater thermostat. Now that the tools are readily available, it’s time to test the continuity of the thermostats.

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